Single scoop ice-cream with toppings $4

chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry yogurt flavor choice of toppings: - chocolate and almond - homemade raspberry coulis

BOMB Alaska $15

chocolate and strawberry gelato coated in meringue, flambéed with brandy

Chocolate melting hot pot (10 to 12 minutes waiting time) $15

lava chocolate pot, vanilla bean ice cream

Baked dual pudding $12

bread and butter pudding with apricot compote and vanilla sauce, chocolate hazelnut pudding with chocolate sauce

Pineapple crumble, coconut panna cotta $12

pineapple crumble tart, coconut panna cotta, vanilla ice cream

Earl Grey Jivara $12

Valrhona Jivara milk chocolate mousse infused with earl grey, homemade strawberry marshmallow

New York cheese cake $10

cheesecake served with citrus fruit compote

Crème brûlée $10

baked custard with caramel top, berries compote

Tiramisu $10

Mascarpone mousse, vanilla sponge soaked with Kahlua coffee syrup

Chocolate brownies $9

dark chocolate walnut fudge brownie, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce

Black Forest trifle $13

chocolate sponge, brandied cherries, dark chocolate mousse, Kirsch cream, chocolate soil